Sunday, June 9, 2013


The eagerly anticipated Saturday night party has come and gone but all that alcohol didn’t go down the Chasers throats without causing some mischief.Right after the party,Uganda’s #LK4 turned to a talebearer and made quite a number of damning revelations.He cornered Ghana’s #Elikem and revealed to him that he was very rich and that he was next in line to be king of Uganda.He revealed further that he cared less about the price money as he can make that much in just three days.”I don’t care about the USD 300 000. I have money from here to Jerusalem. I’m a Prince in Uganda”. As if that was not enough,he went on to say he was up for possible eviction on Sunday because he was well ”hung” and the ladies are well aware of that.”They have seen me in the shower. Every chick in here wants me because I’m well hung. That’s why I was Nominated,” he boasted

Right after Ghana’s #Elikem lost interest in his endless blabbing,#South Africa’s Koketso tried to get him to shut up but he soon cornered Malawi”s #Natasha and the revelations continued.He boasted to her about his net worth and that his mum was the second most powerful woman in the whole of Uganda.”Do you know who my mum is?” He asked #Natasha repeatedly.

It is unclear if he’s only making up some of these claims but considering that his mum,Elizabeth Nabatanzi is a former presidential adviser, he could well have some significant cash at his disposal.One thing the bad Boy of Uganda’s Basketball didn’t reveal was that he was arrested last year September for possible involvement in the robbery of Shs100m from Lloyd Forex Bureau but was released on the advise of Uganda’s Resident State Attorney while the investigations continues.
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