Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dress Your Way Into That Job: For Men

‘If you dont look the part, you wont get the part’

Appropriate Interview Clothing
Getting a job sometimes start with an interview, If you will be interviewing, please remember that no matter what industry you are seeking a position in, your resume and experience will do most of the heavy lifting to get you into the door.

Your appearance – if not appropriately dressed, will destroy everything that your background and resume have accomplished. Remember, up to the minute you step foot into the interviewers office – it was your resume and background that got you there. Now is the time to risk nothing when it comes to proper clothing for your interview.

Remember that 80% of the first impression an interviewer gets of you is visual and formed in the first two minutes of meeting you.

How To Dress For a Job Interview

Wear a suit
Wearing a navy blue, black or dark grey suit is preferable.

If you can, buy at least two new suits that you will be able to wear for the first two interviews with the same organization. If it’s not in your budget to buy suits prior to interviews, take one out from your closet – preferably one right from the dry cleaners and take a close look at the suit looking for frays, loose buttons and that shiny look some suits get when they’ve been ironed too much. Inspect the seat on the slacks, inner thighs and the top of the thighs looking for wear or shine. Inspect your jacket and look at the lapels and shoulders for wear or shine.

Wear a white shirt

Wear an appropriate silk necktie
Coordinating the necktie with the suit but don’t try matching the suit. You are not going for the Al Capone look. The tie should be preferably made of silk with a small pattern.

For business, a gentleman’s silk tie should be equally balanced to reflect first the organization and then the personality of person wearing it. Do not – and we cannot overemphasize this – do not wear cartoon ties or even symbol ties. Symbol ties have money signs, or stethoscope or just about any symbol synonymous with an industry or profession. Neckties worn for interviews should not be loud or too colorful – stick with a conservative look. Some of the more popular necktie colors for interview clothing are blue ties and burgundy ties. Once you know what color suit you’ll be wearing, pick a tie and ask us if it goes – drop us a quick note. We would be more than happy to give you our opinion prior to your purchase.


Yes – wear them, and stay away from loafers – too casual. Our recommended shoe is a lace up cap toe – in black. Please ensure that the shoes are clean, polished and do not have rounded heels or overly worn soles. These are all signs that you don’t care and – if you don’t care about yourself, you will probably care even less about the organization and it’s employees.